The Mountain pre-Alpha 0.0.2a

Not much fun to play yet. But plenty of the technical underpinnings are complete.

  • Randomly shuffling maps. 36 maps are created for each area, but only 6 will be chosen per run.
  • 3 initial character classes: knight, archer, mage
  • You can walk through the game and get to the end (but only the bad ending is available since the goal item isn’t obtainable)

The major thing to work on now is content: giving you something to do on the maps. Enemy encounters, treasure, events to interact with that could give positive or negative outcomes depending on your stats, possibly traps that could either damage you or give you an advantage if you lead enemies into them.

A few other technical points:

  • The resolution is now 960 (20 tiles wide) x 528 (11 tiles high) – similar to modern indie games like Binding of Isaac Rebirth
  • For the web version, I’ve added a preloader service worker. It will download and cache all of the assets for the game in the background.
  • The engine is now my custom fork of the MV core scripts
    • Working on changes to text and gauges, which is why they currently look worse than the Battle Test

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