Mountain – Menu UI

The HP numbers in the screenshot are a bit squished. I should fix that.

The menus in the game now feature 2 separate fonts:

Originally I went with this solution for technical reasons; resizing 1 font multiple times was either too ugly, or too costly in performance, depending on the implementation. So I chose different fonts for large and small text.

But it turned out to offer a better user experience as well. The separate fonts offer better visual separation. And using a font designed for small text gives it better clarity.


I also added pop-up tooltips when you mouse-over an icon.

The game only has 4 character stats, so it’s simplified compared to most RPGs that offer 6-10. But I haven’t been able to find a place to explain the benefits of each stat to the player, without dragging down the flow of the game. For now, tooltips are a good solution.