Defold and TypeScript Pt. 2

As of February 1, 2024, I became a maintainer of the TS-Defold project. Thanks to Justin Walsh for having me on the team!

(I have a weird affinity for doing chores like updating dependencies. It’s like cleaning a house; a little tedious, but so rewarding.)

Here’s a quick recap of everything I’ve been up to.

TS-Defold official

  • The website is now refreshed with updated info
  • I’ve maintained the official templates and template-boom: migrated them to the latest plugins
  • I’ve contributed a bucket-load of types to the Library
  • Kept hacking away at my fork of Defold types

TypeScriptToLua plugins

Defold plugins

  • Updated my PRNG plugin with some new convenience methods
  • Created setv by combining elements of two popular plugins
  • Started on a refactor of estring
  • Archived etable
  • Archived emath

Other tools

  • Made tsd-ext-type-gen to parse script_api files in Defold extensions to export TypeScript types
  • Created def-html5-opt to optimize Defold HTML5 exports