Consolidating the job tree

I got rid of the Hunter line and consolidated their most interesting skills into the other jobs. Here’s why…

I recently watched video gameplay of a MOBA, and I admired the well-defined roles of each character class. In that genre, the most common roles are DPS, Tank, and Support.

Single-player RPGs tend to allow more complexity in their character roles, perhaps because of their solo nature; with no team depending on you to play well, there is no urgency to understand each character.

In FCQ, each job has a unique theme. They broadly fall into the same categories mentioned above, but there are outliers.

  • Brawler line: Physical fighters/Tanks
  • Medic line: Buff/Heals
  • Thief line: Debuffs
  • Page line: Magic DPS
  • Adventurer line: Quirky non-standard skill costs, mix of physical fighters and buffs

As for the Hunter/Ranger/Sage line of jobs… I don’t know what describes them. Each had radically different abilities, with little to connect them. I liked the idea of a class focused on bows and traps, so the Hunter was one of my favourites thematically. But I was never satisfied with the other two classes, nor their tenuous connection to each other.

Hunter skills are now gone (sadly).

Page now has the buffs from the Ranger.

Grandmaster has weather-changing from Sage.