The Mountain Pre-Alpha 0.0.2f

Lots of back-end changes to set the stage for future development.

But we’ve also got a new title screen!

And I’ve added a new window where players are offered 3 possible choices for an item award. This seems to be a better way of managing loot awards than getting completely random stuff with no choice.


  • New Title Screen
  • Updated PixiJs from 5.3.3 to 6.1.1
  • Switched from Pako to fflate (smaller file size, faster performance)
  • Fixed issue with tooltips where they could not contain multiple lines
  • Refactored plugins I’ve authored so I have a core set I can share between projects
  • Created new “award choice” plugin
  • Various tweaks to attempt to get better performance
  • Fixed issues that popped up with Ogg sound files on Safari
  • Fixed issues with running as a Progressive Web App (PWA)
Updated Title Screen

Known Issues

  • If you start a new game, then quit before changing maps or opening the menu, then attempt to load your save game, the save game will be corrupted – To bypass this bug, just choose New Game instead of Continue.