The Club 0.9.3

Testing this game on my phone made me realize the default UI needs a lot of work. So the last few days of work was primarily spent on that.

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Changes since 0.9.1

  • Much improved the mobile UI, with bigger line heights and a persistent menu/back button at the top-right
  • Added rotation to the menu animations – this sounds like a small change, but the personality it adds is huge
  • More fun version of the loading graphic
  • Added voice-like sound clip when you introduce a topic to an NPC; and to their response
  • “Quit game” command on the title screen is now hidden from the web version of the game
  • Gamepad options can now be configured on mobile devices (if the game detects a gamepad input)
  • You can swipe vertically to move up and down most lists
  • You can swipe horizontally on the equipment/skills menus to swap between characters
  • Followers are gathered up when you talk to NPCs much more quickly
  • Fixed incorrect map name showing up